Valerie T. Heyerdahl

3099 Uplands Dr. #42
Ottawa, ON, K1V 9T6
(613) 791-0182

  • Experienced with producing quality 2D & 3D graphics for large scale, long term projects
  • Capable of working on both the design, and development side of interactive media projects
  • Knowledgeable of both front, and back end development with multiple programming languages

Carleton University, Ottawa, ON
Bachelor of Information Technology
> Interactive Multimedia Design (Nov 2018)

Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON
> Interactive Media Development (Nov 2018)

  • 2013 (Summer, 4 months) Doing freelance animation and graphic design
    Responsible for producing logos and videos for clients
    Accumulated a working knowledge of how to interact with clients
  • 2015 (Winter, 4 months) Graphic Designs Guru for Invest Ottawa
    Responsible for Ad campaigns, video editing, posters, logos, and web graphics
    Built trust amongst clients and their faith in the punctuality of the marketing department’s graphics guru
  • 2015 (Summer, 4 months) Freelance 3D Art, Animation, and Graphic Design for musician “Apoloh”
    Responsible for quickly creating a 3D animated music video
    Collected better and more intimate knowledge of 3D animation in multiple software environments
  • 2015 (Fall, 4 months) Multimedia Design Artist at Carleton Co-op & Career Services
    Responsible for creating posters, physical promo item designs, logos, and web graphics
    Achieved a reputation for being self-sufficient, efficient in communication, and producing quality work quickly

  • Gamified Social Networking Website [School, Nov 2013 – Dec 2013]
  • Music Visualizers, and VJ experimental videos [Personal, March 2013 – Sept 2013]
  • Mock commercial with live and recorded footage [School, Nov 2013 – Jan 2014]
  • TILT – Arduino Uno Integrated Game Project [School, Nov 2013 – Dec 2013]
  • Writer’s Block – from team BiTMECK, a visual novel [School, Jan 2014 – March 2014]
  • By The Numbers Prototype – VR & Leap Motion Painting Game [School, Oct 2016 – Dec 2016]
  • Bit Crush Boogie – Survival Game, Jammer’s Choice at OJAM/GGJ 2017 [Personal, Jan 2017]
  • Choleric Vision – Senior Project – VR Horror Game w/ Heart Beat Sensor [School, March 2016 – March 2017]
My Projects with further breakdown here

  • Working and strong knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite used in group collaborations and individual client work
  • Intrinsic skills in Blender & Maya to create working 3D models for use in games, stills, animation, and video composite work
  • Solid knowledge of C#, Python, Java, PHP, CSS, HTML, XML for databases, websites, and game development
  • Time management skills in large cooperative works and client work
  • Teamwork and team management as project manager for multiple projects such as Choleric Vision, Senior Project Game for BIT-IMD
  • Flexibility and able to adapt to a changing work environment, learned from using design philosophy with flexible team structures (See Agile design philosophy)
  • Experience with documentation and reporting, as demonstrated in project work, design documentation, and using team organizational tools (Trello, Slack, MS word, calendars etc…)