Faux Branding Exercise

This is a poster I created based on some branding I put together for a fake company I came up with!

I started with a moodboard, because honestly how else will you grasp that style you’re looking for?

The colours and their gradients were always the first thing to jump out at me, but the linework and “future grid” type stuff felt cliche so I went with softer shape language.
The green-blue gradient is just an extra accent, generally wouldn’t be used too often

After this I came up with what kinds of words I’d associate this business with. In this case they were:

  • Escape
  • New Horizons
  • Leading Edge
  • Future
  • Arcade
  • Light

I feel that logos are really import, if you can nail down the finite super-atomic small sized concept of a brand. The rest springs forth pretty easily! So I started to put together a logo. I created a couple different versions using the icons of the VR headset, horizon lines, gradients, clouds, and rockets. But eventually this is what I settled on.

I think that visual puns often make for pretty memorable brands