Maggie Maier Ads

During my work at DMS (Digital Main Street) under Invest Ottawa I created these in junction with marketing peers. This came with a few interesting challenges, whose details are below these finished Ads!

I’m familiar and comfortable with making Ads for clients, but as I kept working for DMS and our 2 week client engagement times I noticed an issue.

Normally at a marketing agency you can spend a long time trying many Ads and strategies to A/B test your audience, and produce Ads of consistent quality. But with only 2 weeks to make a difference we had to teach business owners how to monitor analytics and run their own Ads. Not every business owner has the time to learn graphic design.

So from here I adopted Canva, which is a web tool for creating Ads which follow social media template sizes and contain free to use assets and the ability to import your own images/work.

A faux Ad I created to try out Canva’s tools and get a feel for Maggie’s branding

A style guide wasn’t something the client asked for, oddly enough. But I created my own just to keep track of the roots of her aesthetic, with her website as an example. Her webmaster did a wonderful job with the colour and font choices, although I would alter some fonts slightly for these Ads.

The client made their choices from my drafts, and Ads were finalized. Further versions were also made for other social media platforms, even though the original set was created for Facebook.

Since the designs were on Canva, I later created templates in a similar style for her to also use in the far future for different services/products she offered. In this way, my work could extend beyond our 2 week time frame and really do some good!

I also created other imagery for her own use in internal presentations and some other odds and ends!