Choleric Vision [IMD Senior Project]

Choleric Vision is a VR horror game that uses the player’s heart rate to pace the game’s tension and overall atmosphere. It is a study in dynamic horror experiences, and game pacing. This project was created by a team of 5 BIT IMD students (myself included) at Carleton University over the course of a year [April 2016 – April 2017].

This project was overseen by our project coordinator Professor Rob Teather.


As team lead it was my role to establish a work model, version control, art pipeline, and run basic project management as well as fill in for any roles that were needed as per our Agile style organisation.

The Hats I Wore:

  • Programming Enemy AI,  Scripted and Dynamic event sequences
  • Producing & Animating Key Models (such as the monster, and the stairwell vista)
  • PR & Marketing


  • Project Management


  • Recording and Producing Foley & Music


  • Some Real Time Visual Effects
  • PR & Marketing
  • Repairing Hardware