Ottawa Samosa Ads

During my work at DMS (Digital Main Street) under Invest Ottawa, I created multiple ads for different clients in my digital transformation team. I created these in junction with marketing peers.

An Ad always begins with getting familiar with a company’s branding and/or revising that branding to help update the style to better serve strong advertising.

Ottawa Samosa’s branding is generally solid, although I felt like it could have used some stronger accent colours and slightly different font choices.

Our marketers gathered information on the specifics of the Ads we were to create. Both Ads were meant for Instagram (square aspect ration 1:1 1080×1080 pixels) where the client had the most social media engagement and customers following.

One Ad was for a contest held on a basketball game to see if you could guess the winner for a discount code. Another was for a gift basket giveaway where a commenter was raffled for the prize. I began creating rough digital versions of the ads for review from my teammates, and roughing out final versions of the selected concepts.

I further developed these concepts and established a more solid style. And provide multiple options for the client to choose which they felt was best. The middle image was an attempt to make use of a photo of the actual gift basket the winner would receive, meant to be replaced with a more professional photo. However it did not come in time, so this was the alternative.

The client made their choices, and the far left and far right Ads were chosen. Some information was added for legal reasons but the Ads launched to great reception and good post engagement.