Choleric Vision [IMD Senior Project]

Choleric Vision is a VR horror game that uses the player’s heart rate to pace the game’s tension and overall atmosphere. It is a study in dynamic horror experiences, and game pacing. This project was created by a team of 5 BIT IMD students (myself included) at Carleton University over the course of a year [April 2016 – April 2017].

This project was overseen by our project coordinator Professor Rob Teather.


As team lead it was my role to establish a work model, version control, art pipeline, and run basic project management as well as fill in for any roles that were needed as per our Agile style organisation.
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Bit-Crush Boogie [GGJ17/OJam17]

Bit-Crush Boogie is a game developed in 48 hours for Ottawa Global Game Jam at Carleton University with my colleagues Andrew Smith, Siobhan Cordy, and Michael Dillabough winning Jammer’s Choice (1st in show)! It is point defense game themed around waves as was the theme for this year’s GGJ. This was my first game jam, I put my skills to use in developing models, sprite-based effects, particle effects, and sound effects.